MariSol Malibu Zero 1—the first of four single family homes in MariSol Malibu’s Zero Series—is set to become California’s first Zero Carbon home certified by the International Living Future Institute. Designed to be embodied carbon negative without carbon offsets, the project sets a new standard for zero carbon real estate.

At a Glance

Crown Pointe Estates at Malibu, LLC
Malibu, CA
14,400 SF
ILFI Zero Carbon (targeting)
  • Zero Carbon Consulting
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Embodied Carbon Analysis
  • Zero Energy/Carbon Strategy

The Challenge

Stok was engaged by luxury home developer Crown Pointe Estates as the Zero Carbon Consultant to lead the project’s bold Zero Carbon Certification pursuit in full:

  • Provide thorough embodied carbon reduction recommendations
  • Provide thorough energy efficiency and all-electric recommendations
  • Establish a first-of-its-kind ILFI Zero Carbon Ready Pathway to allow the developers to demonstrate the home’s achievements to prospective buyers/tenants before official Zero Carbon Certification
Scott Morris
Scott Morris
Director of Carbon Sequestration, Crown Pointe Estates
“With Stok’s help, we have created ILFI’s first Zero Carbon Ready project in the world. Stok, with its world-leading perspective on embodied carbon reduction practices and expertise with LCAs, has allowed us to build a carbon sink—with a net of -140 metric tons of embodied carbon. We couldn’t have done it without them!”

By the Numbers

Net embodied carbon emissions
Of wood used meets rigorous sustainable timber requirement
Of cement replaced with recycled material
Onsite photovoltaic array meets 100% of energy demand

The Solution


Stok did an embodied carbon dive including a thorough material analysis, structural design recommendations, sourcing recommendations, and a comprehensive Whole Building LCA of all materials. This deep analysis helped the project get to embodied carbon negative without any offsets. Timber played a vital role in this accomplishment. Preference was given to local lumber from California forests, prioritizing lumber from uneven-age managed forests first and 17.5 acre even-age stands with some retention second. The second preference was given to FSC-certified lumber from Oregon and Washington, and conventional lumber was used where FSC was not available. Over 95% of the wood met this sustainability criteria.


The home features state-of-the-art all-electric technology and systems to ensure it uses no fossil fuel energy sources without compromising on luxury amenities. These include three Tesla Powerwall units for energy backup, AquaCal electric heat pumps for pool heating, and a Nero Fire Design water vapor fireplace.


While 12 months of occupancy data is required for full Zero Carbon Certification, developers will often want to demonstrate their sustainability achievements to prospective buyers/tenants earlier on. Identifying this missing alignment between selling and certification timelines, Stok helped create a new ILFI standard: Zero Carbon Ready. The Zero Carbon Ready pathway is now a public standard available to any project pursuing Zero Carbon Certification, including commercial developments. Like the USGBC’s LEED pre-certification and IWBI’s WELL pre-certification, it allows projects to market their zero carbon status without the wait, with a plan to verify performance in the following 12 months.

Learn more about MariSol Malibu Zero 1 in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and at Marisol Malibu.

Project Leadership

Andres Gutierrez