Rockhill ESG Program

Rockhill Management is setting a new standard for property management by providing an elevated tenant experience through exceptional service, premium amenities, and purposeful communities for commercial properties across the United States. Leading Rockhill’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy development and implementation, Stok is refining Rockhill’s ESG goals while providing services for implementation across its portfolio to help Rockhill advance its ESG impact.

At a Glance

Rockhill Management
13.7 million GSF
WELL Health-Safety RatingEnergy StarLEED v4.1 O+M: Existing Buildings
  • ESG Consulting
  • LEED v4.1 O+M: Existing Buildings (Arc) Recertification Consulting
  • Energy Star Certification Consulting
  • WELL Health Safety Rating Portfolio Consulting
  • ASHRAE Level I & II Energy Audits
  • Indoor Air Testing for LEED Arc Compliance: CO2 & TVOCs

The Challenge

Originally engaged to manage LEED EBOM and WELL Health-Safety Rating certifications for key assets, Stok now functions as an embedded ESG partner to Rockhill, driving the company’s GRESB score improvements and overarching ESG strategy development and implementation. Stok’s scope includes: 

  • Managing LEED v4.1 EBOM and WELL Health-Safety Rating building portfolio certifications
  • Providing a GRESB gap assessment and roadmap
  • Developing and implementing Rockhill’s GRESB and ESG strategy
  • Facilitating Rockhill’s ESG Committee meetings
  • Creating a resiliency program aligned with TCFD reporting
“Stok worked with the Rockhill team to form a strategic yet flexible plan that aligns our ESG program with the changing environment and evolving requirements in the commercial real estate industry. The Stok team is comprised of experienced, organized, and professional staff who are prepared to lead us to the next level of excellence. Stok has helped Rockhill to identify and prioritize achievable certifications for our properties across multiple markets. This includes identifying areas for property-level performance improvements, making recommendations to achieve cost savings, and tracking and managing ESG-related deliverables. The Stok team is not only knowledgeable about, but also always up to date with, the multi-faceted and continuously evolving ESG landscape, whether related to GRESB or other industry-wide developments and initiatives. This knowledge is what adds value to Rockhill’s decisions about its own ESG program. We are excited to continue working with Stok as we begin incorporating our resilience strategy into the ESG program.”

The Solution


Based on Rockhill’s 2020 and 2021 GRESB scorecards, Stok mapped out areas for improvement and provided recommendations for each question where Rockhill didn’t achieve full points. Stok expanded this GRESB improvement roadmap into a detailed strategy for 2022 and is supporting with implementation, with emphasis on efficiency projects across Rockhill’s national portfolio. 


Working from Rockhill’s existing ESG foundation, Stok is focused on advancing the company’s ESG initiatives with embedded strategic and technical support. Notably, Stok is leading the implementation of the ESG program, including managing building certifications across Rockhill’s portfolio and evaluating its ESG goals to align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other industry-leading frameworks. Stok also continues to support on technical items including assessments, implementing efficiency measures, and incorporating resilience into the company’s portfolio strategy. 


Stok serves as Rockhill’s partner through this complex process, providing comprehensive support as the go-to for the company’s internal teams and guidance on how stakeholders can best collaborate for impactful outcomes. By translating the technical, Stok educates individuals throughout Rockhill’s internal teams to get all stakeholders aligned and engaged in the company’s ESG efforts. Through this trusted partnership, Stok has also taken on facilitating Rockhill’s ESG Committee meetings to drive ESG strategy with alignment across all key functions of the business. 

Stok is currently guiding Rockhill’s ESG strategy, implementing GRESB improvement measures, and standing up the company’s first ever resiliency program aligned with TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) reporting, which will focus on climate risk and the transition to a low carbon economy. 

Photo Credit: Rockhill Management

Project Leadership

Kelly Hagarty
Tavia Danch
Phin Stubbs