Google 237 Moffett Park Drive (MPD)

Google 237 Moffett Park Drive (MPD) is the world’s largest Living Building Challenge (LBC) Materials Petal Certified renovation project, a testament to the alignment, ambition, and effort of an integrated project team. A truly one-of-a-kind space, the campus centers healthy, regenerative design that nourishes and inspires occupants while reaffirming Google’s commitment to supporting human health and sustainability through its real estate.

At a Glance

IA Interior Architects
Sunnyvale, CA
250,000 SF
IA Interior Architects (Architect)Lundberg Design (Architect)XL Construction (General Contractor)
Living Building Challenge 3.1 Materials Petal Certified, achieving Materials, Equity, Beauty, and Place PetalsLEED Commercial Interiors, v4 (Platinum)
  • LBC Materials Petal Consulting
  • Zero Carbon Consulting
  • Full LBC Certification Analysis
  • LEED CI v4 Platinum Consulting
  • LEED & ZNE Energy Modeling

The Challenge

Stok was engaged from the outset by IA Interior Architects and worked closely with Google and the entire project team to determine LBC feasibility, recommend healthy and sustainable design strategies to achieve the project’s ambitious LBC and LEED targets, and implement core strategies. Specifically, Stok:

  • Performed a full LBC certification analysis to help determine certification pursuit goals
  • Provided LBC Materials Petal consulting, including vetting thousands of materials to ensure every product used met rigorous LBC Red List criteria
  • Provided LEED CI v4 Platinum consulting
  • Performed LEED and Zero Net Energy (ZNE) energy modeling to identify energy efficiency strategies
“Stok was a critical partner in helping Google realize our vision of achieving the Living Building Challenge at 237 MPD, allowing us to achieve the distinguished title of the world's largest LBC Materials Petal Renovation Project. Stok kept project team members motivated and on track to meet the rigorous LBC Materials Petal requirements and Google's ambitious healthy and sustainable workplace goals. They were central in the feasibility studies, including integrated financial and performance analysis; provided ongoing educational trainings; managed the successful and transparent process of material research and vetting for thousands of products through their technical materials expertise and their user-friendly, collaborative tools; and navigated LBC exceptions and complexities to provide clear and prompt guidance for decision-making to bring this unique, award-winning project to life. Working with Stok was a joy and we’re incredibly proud of what we and the entire project team accomplished together.”

By the Numbers

On-site energy demand produced via two on-site photovoltaic (PV) arrays, which produce 3M kWh/year
Rainwater captured, stored, and filtered by the building annually
Reduction in building potable water demand for toilet and urinal flushing via rainwater capture system
Site irrigation demand met by City of Sunnyvale recycled water supply

The Solution


Leading the certification pursuit for the largest LBC Materials Petal renovation project worldwide, Stok researched, vetted, and approved thousands of materials against the hundreds of chemicals on the International Living Future Institute’s Red List to ensure every product used on the project met rigorous requirements for human and environmental health. Stok worked directly with a representative from each Design Team discipline to perform research on every single product being considered for the project and worked quickly on approval determination to inform Design Team specifications. Once construction began, excellent and regular coordination with the entire General Contracting Team, XL Construction, was critical to keep the materials vetting process from delaying construction. Throughout the project, Stok performed in-depth Red List training with the Design and Construction Teams, including Subcontractors, managed all documentation necessary for certification, and navigated the exception process directly with ILFI. Stok concluded the materials vetting process with performing required Red List advocacy on behalf of Google to expedite the shift to a transparent healthy materials marketplace.


As a champion of regenerative design across its real estate portfolio, Google set LBC as a target on 237 MPD from the outset. Involved from the start, Stok provided critical research of how to achieve LBC at a never-before-seen scale, working with the team to run financial analyses and feasibility studies. Working toward LBC at this scale, it was necessary for Stok to manage the project carefully and thoroughly to minimize complexities and allow the team to achieve its ambitious goals. Google’s pioneering involvement in several LBC certifications simultaneously required Stok to coordinate closely with the project teams from the other two in-progress projects to ensure alignment on the volume approach across projects.


Beyond Materials Petal Certification, the project is also LBC 3.1 Equity, Beauty, and Place Petal Certified and LEED v4 Platinum certified. Stok supported all LBC and LEED certification efforts, including creating project marketing materials and narratives to tell the LBC story; arranging for future building tours; calculating and offsetting the building’s embodied carbon; supporting biophilic design element incorporation; ensuring ample salvaged products were used; coordinating the purchase of a land trust to offset the development footprint; collaborating with the project’s Experience Design Team to ensure dashboards, signage, and art installations aligned with LBC principles; and supporting additional educational components.

For its many achievements in healthy and sustainable design, Google 237 Moffett Park Drive is a 2023 Fast Company Innovation By Design Finalist in the Workplace category, 2022 CoreNet Global Sustainable Leadership Award Finalist, received IIDA Northern California’s 2022 Long View Award for Achievement in Sustainable Design, and was Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 2021 Structures Awards Interiors Project Winner.

Photo courtesy of Google

Project Leadership

Kristen Hershowitz
WELL | LBC | Materials
Tatiana Gefter
LEED | WELL | Materials
Jacob Arlein
Strategic Growth | Sustainable Buildings