A 14-building, 1.5M square foot development that spans a 42-acre Silicon Valley campus neighborhood, Pathline Park is a collaborative effort of Stok bringing the Irvine Company’s blend of indoor-outdoor, work-play, creativity-industry vision to life. As most of the five phases are currently under construction, Stok is now guiding them all through LEED Group Certification, using close communication with the USGBC to ensure a seamless yet complex certification process.

At a Glance

Irvine Company
Sunnyvale, CA
1,500,000 SF (14 buildings)
LEED Core and Shell, v2009 (Gold) – Phases 1, 2, 3A, 3B, 4 (targeting)LEED Core and Shell, v4 (Gold) – Phase 2A (targeting)LEED Commercial Interiors, v4 (Gold) – Phase 5 (targeting)
  • LEED NC Consulting
  • LEED Gap Analysis
  • LEED & Title 24 Energy Modeling
  • Measurement & Verification (M&V)
  • LEED Fundamental & Enhanced Commissioning
  • Title 24 Commissioning

The Challenge

To have Pathline Park serve as a powerful advocate for designing for connection between the built and natural environment, with human experience at the center.

  • Help Irvine Company identify LEED Gold as a certification target across all five phases of development and recommended pursuing LEED Group Certification for each phase as an optimized schedule and budget strategy for a project of its impressive size
  • Introduce a number of sustainable strategies to boost productivity and inspiration
  • Challenge users to “think outside the office” through a connection of paths, pedestrian promenades, and bike networks

Stok is currently coordinating the certification across all five concurrent phases, totaling 11 office and 3 amenity buildings including a wellness center and diverse restaurants.

The Solution


Using LEED v2009 Gold as a baseline, the project has continued to champion higher performance beyond v2009 standards wherever possible to help set tenants’ LEED v4 buildouts up for success


Led by Stok, these sustainability strategies include high efficiency plumbing fixtures and high performance Viracon glazing on floor-to-ceiling windows throughout to allow for optimized thermal comfort and unobstructed views of the outdoors, boosting productivity and inspiration.


With two buildings turned over to occupants and another phase in permitting with a tenant already secured, Pathline Park’s focus on nature, sustainability, and the user experience has proven essential in getting it leased up quickly with exciting tenants. The project was also named Best Speculative Project of 2020 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Structures Awards.

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Project Leadership

Jeremy Attema
Wenhan Qiu
Commissioning | Benchmarking