Sitecore ESG Program

Sitecore, a leading technology company with leased properties globally, engaged Stok to create and implement its ESG program from scratch. A relationship built deeply on trust, Sitecore gave Stok the reins to guide the full strategy and roll-out of the program across its 29-building global portfolio, a core reason for its success.

At a Glance

29 buildings
  • Company Evaluation
  • ESG Program Development
  • ESG Program Implementation

The Challenge

Sitecore engaged Stok to guide the full strategic creation and implementation of its ESG program:

  • Identify goals and focus areas of the program via a discovery workshop
  • Develop ESG program in alignment with identified focus areas and Sitecore’s parent company’s existing ESG program
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to implement the program and set it up for future success
“Stok’s wealth of ESG knowledge has gained them significant trust within our company, allowing them to fully take the reins of our program and work seamlessly and autonomously with our internal team and program stakeholders. They have a unique ability to both deep dive into technical topics and present information that’s digestible for a broad audience, and their diversity of in-house expertise is unmatched. The Stok team has brought genuine knowledge, passion, sense of community, and support to our partnership, and we’re excited to see where we can take our ESG program with them at the helm.”

The Solution


Stok began with a discovery workshop, followed by a strategy phase including a materiality assessment and policy language creation to align Sitecore’s brand new ESG program with its parent company EQT’s existing ESG program. The materiality assessment was used to guide Sitecore’s evaluation of which metrics were most important to stakeholders and impact on the business. Stok is now helping Sitecore identify what to focus on based on the resulting rankings. The metrics include Ethics & Anti-corruption Training, Diversity, Employee Engagement, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Water Usage, and Waste to Landfill. Stok is also advising on which reporting frameworks Sitecore will want to use to set the program up for long-term structured success.


Stok is embedded within Sitecore to effectively implement initiatives identified in the roadmap. These initiatives include monthly tracking of utility data, KPI development and tracking, carbon reduction strategy, investor reporting, climate resilience, and the development of a dashboard integrated into Sitecore’s ESG webpage.


Given the all-encompassing nature of ESG, collaboration between different aspects of the business has been critical to success. Stok is actively working with Sitecore’s Design, Procurement, Human Resources, Facility Management, and Leased Auto Fleet teams, with a goal to build out an ESG committee that syncs monthly on the program’s progress and how each member can support from their unique job role. Collaboration to date has included connecting HR with what Stok’s working on (responsible contractor policies, sustainability and ESG language in MSA, and inclusion and diversity), as well as with the Design team during strategy to discuss the current and future sustainable design guidelines.

Photo Credit: Sitecore

Project Leadership

Kelly Hagarty
Devon Bertram
Adam Guli