Subaru let Stok in to learn about the company’s culture and approach to sustainability, enabling Stok’s team to support the enhancement of their Eco-Friendly Retailer Program, a unique portfolio-level solution tailored to Subaru's corporate vision across 600 retail buildings nationally.

At a Glance

>600 buildings
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Goal Setting
  • Sustainable Retail Opportunity Assessment & Program Evaluation
  • Cost Benefit Evaluation & Analysis
  • Healthy & Sustainable Materials Education Session
  • Interior & Exterior Materials Finishes Assessment
  • Enhanced Healthy & Sustainable Material Recommendations

The Challenge

Evaluate the content, implementation, management, and results of Subaru’s Eco-Friendly Retailer (EFR) Program. In addition, assess Subaru’s retail facilities’ prototype design interior and exterior finishes with a lens for environmental and health impact.

  • Assess the EFR Program by understanding its origin and intent at the corporate level, and develop case studies to share with stakeholders that manage Subaru’s portfolio of 600+ retailers
  • Clarify the EFR Program’s purpose and positive impact, and illustrate to the executive team how it can align and support broader programmatic and corporate goals
  • Provide recommendations for enhanced interior and exterior finishes with greater health and sustainability attributes
“Subaru partnered with Stok because we found they had the depth of knowledge about sustainability we needed and were eager to understand our company, business, and challenges. We knew they could help us develop the sustainability efforts that would give us the best results, backed by a team with the depth of experience to draw on either now or in the future as we further develop our efforts.”

To demonstrate the true potential for Subaru’s EFR Program, Stok provided clear and actionable next steps for Subaru, outlining key findings and recommendations for improvements in presentations to Subaru’s Field Team as well as executive team members.

This identified ample opportunity for impact and illustrated to executives how it could integrate with other Subaru programs and initiatives for even greater adoption and financial returns.


The Solution


Utilizing three diverse, insightful site visits and engaging with selected retail teams and stakeholders, Stok identified opportunities to develop a more sustainable retail fleet through a streamlined and evolved approach to the program.


To assess Subaru’s existing materials, Stok led a comprehensive review of the criteria, design intent, and sustainability performance based on relevant single characteristics, material certifications, and participation in transparency systems for each of the finishes. Sharing findings as part of an education and goal-setting workshop helped to lay out the opportunity, identify the vision and objectives, as well as address alignment with the EFR Program. Based on outcomes of the goal-setting workshop and further assessment of existing materials including cost, durability, and ease of maintenance, Stok provided recommendations for enhanced interior and exterior finishes.


Beyond the EFR Program, educating Subaru about sustainable and healthy products helped shift the company’s thinking about materials to a more holistic evaluation that also analyzes how materials create an experience in their retail locations, and how they impact their retail managers, staff, and customers. Stok’s findings demonstrated extensive opportunity to incorporate greater health and sustainability measures within their retail facilities, which can respond to the values and emotions of their customers, as well as support their success as more than a car company.

subaru park

Photo Credit: Subaru of America

Project Leadership

Devon Bertram