Stok Releases The Sustainable Real Estate Program Handbook: How to Deliver on Climate Commitments and ESG Goals by Integrating Sustainability Into Your Real Estate Portfolio

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Stok Releases The Sustainable Real Estate Program Handbook: How to Deliver on Climate Commitments and ESG Goals by Integrating Sustainability Into Your Real Estate Portfolio

San Francisco (October 28, 2021) — For most companies, real estate is an underutilized strategic lever for driving positive performance across a company’s ESG ratings. With a goal of accelerating the adoption of sustainable and equitable real estate solutions, sustainability and high-performance building services provider Stok has published The Sustainable Real Estate Program Handbook. Featuring candid insights from 20 companies with a combined 110 million square feet of real estate and more than 36,000 properties globally, the participating companies have successfully integrated sustainability into their real estate portfolios, aligning corporate climate commitments and enhancing ESG performance. Stok has synthesized these firsthand perspectives into a how-to guide that illuminates the business case and action steps.

“A company’s physical assets and operations represent an unmatched opportunity to implement smart, highly impactful, ESG-oriented practices that can provide a multitude of short- and long-term benefits,” said Jacob Arlein, Chief Executive Officer of Stok. “This handbook draws on insights from industry leaders and distills the major factors and action steps companies should consider to achieve greater environmental, social, and financial benefits through their real estate.”

Corporate real estate and sustainability professionals at the 20 participating companies manage global portfolios that range from commercial office and hospitality to mixed-use, multifamily, and retail. This new body of knowledge includes in-depth case studies from Salesforce and Twitter, who each share a behind-the-scenes look at how their Sustainable Real Estate Programs are developed and managed, as well as insights from Uber, whose learnings focus on the impact of workplaces on employee health and wellness. HP shares its approach to strategy and implementation across ambitious energy, water, waste, and green building goals, with Kilroy Realty, Boston Properties, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Delta Dental, and Subaru of America all providing insights and experiences.

“While the programs vary in terms of maturity, one thing that’s true across the board is that the companies we surveyed look to their real estate portfolios to improve the company’s resilience and adaptability,” said Devon Bertram, MBA, LEED AP, Vice President of Sustainability Consulting at Stok, and lead author of the handbook. “They view their sustainable real estate portfolios as an asset that can help them weather economic cycles, changing climate conditions, and unforeseen circumstances, such as the extended workplace shutdowns that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The 33-page handbook, available on Stok’s website, covers critical factors in both developing and managing a Sustainable Real Estate Program. Each section provides a clear, step-by-step approach that seeks to codify and simplify what is, for most companies, a complex exercise in change. The handbook also uncovers insights behind key success factors: leadership, data, stakeholder buy-in, communication, and strategic approach.


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