To elevate the global retail store portfolio of a confidential Fortune 10 company, Stok developed a Retail Responsibility Framework defining a 5-year sustainability strategy. Goal-setting was rigorous, with Stok conducting a triple bottom line analysis per-store and portfolio-wide with each potential goal.

At a Glance

Confidential Fortune 10 Company
>6,000,000 SF
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Design Charrettes
  • Sustainability Workshops
  • Performance Baseline Establishment
  • Case Studies Report
  • Strategic Visioning & SMART Goal Setting
  • Environmental/ Social/ Financial Impact Assessment
  • Energy/ Water/ Waste/ Materials/ Community Design Innovations
  • Executive Communication Materials & Resources Development
  • Sustainability Symposium for Leadership Teams
  • LEED Consulting

The Challenge

Complete a comprehensive evaluation of the environmental impact of the client’s global retail fleet and detailed analysis of potential changes.

  • Inform a set of SMART 1-, 3-, and 5- year sustainability goals that, when implemented, will transform the client’s portfolio to be truly restorative
  • Integrate stakeholder feedback to develop a Sustainability Action Plan (SAP)
  • Continue to update design guidelines based on lessons learned during implementation

When implemented, the Sustainability Action Plan will transform this Fortune 10 client’s portfolio to be truly restorative.

The Solution


For each potential goal, Stok conducted a triple bottom line analysis and ran pro-forma analyses both per-store and portfolio-wide to understand the cost/benefit implications. Stok leveraged Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs framework to analyze social impacts. Stok also utilized the EPA TRACI framework to compare the diverse environmental impacts calculated for each goal to understand how, for example, a gallon of water saved compared to a kilogram of carbon emissions avoided.


With stakeholder feedback, Stok developed a Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) including strategies and tactics for each of the goals set out in the Framework. The action plan also included implementation and verification strategies that ensure the portfolio meets the established goals.

Project Leadership

Devon Bertram
Jacob Arlein
Strategic Growth | Sustainable Buildings