Informatica Hybrid Workplace Strategy

Informatica is the global leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management, a highly competitive and fast paced industry. Driven to provide faster product roll out, remote connectivity across 5,000+ employees, customer success, and recruitment and retention of top leaders in the workforce—all in the landscape of a global pandemic and ongoing evolution of work—Informatica partnered with Stok to create a workplace that supports its highly agile and geographically dispersed teams in working in a fluid, nimble, and flexible way.

At a Glance

24 offices
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Flex Officing Implementation
  • Program Creation & Management
  • Behavioral Change Acclimation
  • Stakeholder Facilitation
  • Leadership Communication
  • Strategic Workplace Planning & Consulting

The Challenge

Focusing on its people, Informatica engaged Stok to identify how ready the organization was to change the way in which people interacted, collaborated, and ultimately did their work—and then to shape that change programmatically. Specifically, Stok worked to:

  • Gather and analyze employee data to tailor Informatica’s hybrid workplace strategy
  • Develop social engagement programs to nurture the company’s culture
  • Define the why, goals, and objectives with Informatica’s executive leadership team
  • Support and enable cross-functional teams to optimize Informatica’s workspaces
  • Develop communications to support behavioral changes
“Our partnership with Stok was integral to the success of Informatica’s inaugural flex program and continues through collaboration on our hybrid work model. Stok proactively led our initiative, working from a minimal set of guidance and orchestrating cross-functional teams to drive toward our goals. Rather than taking what we asked for at face value, Stok considered the total value proposition and provided a 360 perspective on what our program could and should be. For implementation, the Stok team expertly navigated our corporate structure, culture, and politics to fully integrate with our team. Perhaps as essential as the program itself, the Stok team’s ability to put pen to paper and craft clear executive level and companywide communications out of complex concepts greatly supported the rollout and adoption of our program across Informatica’s global workplaces.”

By the Numbers

Ratio recommended for seats to people for unassigned seating
Of employees prefer a hybrid work model (evolving statistic)
Of employees prefer to work from home 2-3 days per week when the office officially reopens (evolving statistic)
Of employees prefer to work 100% remote (10% of employees were 100% remote prior to the pandemic) (evolving statistic)

The Solution


INFAflex is Informatica’s global flex officing program, which supports its hybrid workplace and return to office (RTO) strategy. Working from this strong foundation, Stok partnered with Informatica’s Real Estate and Workplace Strategy (RE+W) team and Hybrid Workplace task force to redefine and evolve the program through a data-driven approach. Informed by badge data, interviews, employee pulse surveys, focus groups with managers and employees, and leadership’s ongoing commitment to the hybrid workplace, Stok created a strategy tailored to Informatica’s hybrid workflow and culture. The team will continue to gather data once offices are fully reopened to inform any major changes to the company’s future-forward workplace.


Integrating efforts across Informatica’s teams was essential to success. RE+W, HR, and IT report monthly to the CFO, demonstrating how vital close collaboration between the teams is, as well as the integrated nature of hybrid work strategy. RE+W and the Facilities Director have also begun discussions about environmental management and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), which will help ensure alignment with any future corporate sustainability goals or programs.


INFAflex is currently poised to be implemented during pilot office openings across Informatica’s locations worldwide. Global communications, guidelines, and policies are underway to engage all stakeholders, and Stok is helping create a guidebook to address change acclimation, workplace strategy, and sustainability at Informatica. The team plans to gather additional input from all employees to create the formalized program and real estate strategy, keeping Informatica’s people at the center of every decision.

Photo Credit: Informatica