McGregor Square

At the time of registration, this ambitious development of one city block—consisting of three towers (office, hotel, and multifamily residential) above ground level retail, an activated plaza, and a ballpark and entertainment venue—was one of only nine projects in the world pursuing WELL Community certification, and one of the early participants in the WELL Multifamily Pilot for its residential tower. Stok is leading the dual WELL certification and providing commissioning services.

At a Glance

Confidential Company
Denver, CO
Retail, Multifamily
677,000 SF
Stantec (Architect) Hensel Phelps Construction (General Contractor)
WELL Community (Silver)WELL Multifamily (Silver)
  • WELL Community Consulting
  • WELL Multifamily Pilot Consulting
  • LEED Gap Analysis
  • Commissioning

The Challenge

Provide deep expertise in healthy and restorative built environments to achieve an ambitious dual WELL certification on a complex project.

  • Incorporate elements for occupant comfort, including thoughtful lighting and sound design
  • Recommend strategies to boost indoor air quality for occupant health and productivity
  • Guide the project team to prioritize human health and wellness throughout the design and operations of the site

At the time of registration, McGregor Square was one of only nine projects in the world pursuing WELL Community Certification, and one of the early participants in the WELL Multifamily pilot for its residential tower.

The Solution


Stok guided the team through human-centric design factors, such as incorporating restorative spaces, promoting non-single occupant vehicle transportation, implementing effective wayfinding, providing mental health resources, and offering healthy food options, among other wellness strategies. Stok is also providing commissioning services to verify that the buildings operate as designed.


The project includes thermally comfortable areas to socialize outdoors, interactive water features, a museum to connect visitors with the city and ballpark, and dynamic lighting for a safe environment without excessive light pollution.


Both the WELL Community and WELL Multifamily projects are on the path to Silver certification, a huge step forward for high-performance building development in Denver. In doing so, McGregor Square will provide a unique, spirited community space for residents, occupants, and visitors who can experience the embodiment of the values of health and wellness that define the city’s residents.


Project Leadership

Jeremy Attema